How can i transfer samsung s6 photos to samsung s8?

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    Well, have you prepare to buy a Galaxy s8? I think the first thing you want to do after buy one is transfer the photos from your old Samsung to samsung galaxy s8. But we usually store many photos data in our old phone, if we want to re-enter it to our new s8, it would be a very troublesome thing.

    Method to Transfer photos from samsung s6 to samsung s8:

    The assistant is just a software called Phone to Phone Transfer.Oh,I know you are suspected it,but after the introduction it,I am guaranteed you will trust it.On the one hand it can help you transfer photos,messages, videos and other data from different phones with different system.On the other hand, if you say you want to restore and backup data, it can also meet you.

    More info;

    How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung to Galaxy S8?
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    It is easy to transfer your data.

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