How to Backup and Restore Your Android on PC easily

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    Data loss is very common and due to lots of reasons that we can't avoide. It is very essential for us to backup our phone data regularly especially for the important SMS, contacts and photos. Fortunately, we have many solutions to do a backup and restore of Android phones. Here I will recommend a easy and fast method to backup and restore your Android on PC.

    The tool needed is Coolmuster Android Assistant, it is a professional and powerful Android Manager tool that can backup and restore your Android, transfer and manage your content on PC, the steps are very simple.

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    Step 1: Connect and Android phone to computer. If you have a USB cable, just plug your phone to PC, if you want to transfer files wirelessly, you can connect your phone via wifi.


    Step 2: Wait a minute to install driver and enable your USB debugging. You can follow the instruction on the screen.


    Step 3: After detected, choose the "Super Toolkit" and you will see the "Backup" and "Restore" button. If you want to backup just click "Backup", if you need restore, just click "Restore".


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