How To Get Facebook App ID & Secret Key

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    These are simple steps that can be followed by anyone without the requirement of being a developer. So if you are configuring a Facebook related WordPress plugin or using a 3rd party app which requires Fb Secret Key & ID, this tutorial would be of great help.

    Head over to Facebook developers page & click on create a new app


    • Select the kind of app you are using. For configuring WordPress plugin, it’s usually websites.

    • On the next page give a name to your app. Make it relevant or if you are testing this right now, call it test app.

    • Click on Create new Facebook App Id. In the pop-up select the category for the app.

    • Click on create app ID. On the next page click on Skip at the top right & you will be taken to your created App page, where you can retrieve your app id & secret key.

    • Click on show in front of App secret, and you need to enter your Facebook account password to see the App secret key.
    • Now copy-paste the App ID & App secret values in the plugin or tool that you are configuring.

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