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Discussion in 'Forum FAQs' started by Moko, Jun 28, 2016.

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    Yea... Cool isn't it, To get your post to the max by moving it to homepage where everyone entering this forum will see, read and participate..

    Yea, there are more to it than the benefit outlined above... But they all lie to some criteria, so before your post can get the chance of getting to homepage all the criteria must be met, they go thus:
    1. You must be an active member of this forum with minimum of 20 posts (it may be a reply, quote or thread).
    2. You must have received a minimum of 10 likes on this forum.
    3. Your thread must have atleast an image for topic illustration.
    4. Your posts should not contain any form of censored words, phrases, sentences.
    5. You must provide the source IF copied from a blog, forum or website.
    6. The thread should have a minimum of 5 reply before getting homepage opportunity.
    Those are the requirements to be met before your post can be moved to homepage.

    Note: Once you create a thread, and you want the attention of the administrators or moderators to move it to homepage, you will be required to mention the administrator or moderator below your post.

    I.e if you want to mention me so I will be notified of your post immediately you add the "@" symbol before my username like this @mokoshalb

    Once you post it like that, the administrator or moderator will be alerted of the post and will review it, if it meet the criteria and will be pushed to homepage immediately...

    Cool isn't it...
    Start posting today, to gain maximum readership of your post!...

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