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    Wow, this topic... Well, no one has really said anything here, but I'll try to clear things up a little.
    First, I know everyone jumps into blogging.
    Everyone always has the dream to become the next so called "Linda Ikeji"
    If you apply the right steps do you know you can beat Linda Ikeji?
    Start competing with high ranked people and not Linda Ikeji.
    Bloggers like : Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, Harsh Agrawal, Brian Dean, Marsha Topa, Iyiola Owabumowa, Bamidele Onibalusi and many more that I could mention from my head.
    Please NEVER compare yourself with Linda Ikeji.
    Now what's the point of this thread?
    How to use Affiliate Marketing.. I explained everything here
    Tell me what you think about the article and see you in another post.
    Talk soon,

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