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    If you wish to make more bitcoin on telegram, i guess this post is personal made for you.


    Here are the top 4 telegram paying bots

    BTC Shares:

    Having registered in our company you already absolutely free of charge get 84,000 Satoshi a day, (3,500 Satoshi an hour). To get the profit from the for free share you just need to view an advertizing.
    Buy a BTC-Shares shares of the company and earn 200%.
    Everything is very simple. Buy any number of the BTC-Shares shares and get 6,000 Satoshi each hour during 30 days. The cost of 1 share 0.015 BTC.
    ☝ Discounts:
    Discount 5% for purchase from 20 to 49 shares
    Discount 10% for purchase from 50 до 99 shares
    Discount 20% for purchase from 100 до 499 shares
    Discount 30% for purchase from 500 до 999 shares
    Discount 40% for purchase from 1000 до 2999 shares
    Discount 50% for purchase from 3000

    Click here to start earning Telegram: Contact @btcsharesbot

    Profit bot

    There are 3 possible ways of making profit:
    1. Offers:
    Earn by installing apps, completing surveys, joining channels, rating bots and so on.
    2. Web surfing:
    Earn by visiting different sites.
    3. Inviting friends:
    Build your referral empire and have a passive income!

    Click here to Start earning Profit Robot


    Having registered in our company you entitled to 120% profit on your investment in 30 days,
    Pay back period 15 days. Paid
    Directly to your bitcoin address
    Buy a Investment Plan of the company and earn 120% profit instantly
    So simple. Buy any ammont of investment and get 3000 satoshi instantly daily #Free during your 30 days.
    The minimum investment: is 0.015 BTC ($10)
    The maximum investment:
    no maximum investment.

    Making Dreams a reality

    Click here to start earning Btc Fund

    Bitcoin: Official Bot:

    This bot can double your Bitcoin ( BTC ) in just 1 week.
    You can deposit atleast 0.003 BTC to start generating Bitcoins (BTC)
    You will get a 10% after you withdraw your 1 BTC or higher.
    Buy a Booster.
    We guarantee to you that this booster can double your bitcoin faster.
    (Note: You can use booster ones)
    Thank You and have a nice day
    From Bitcoin: Official Bot

    Click here to start earning Bitcoin: Official Bot

    Happy earnings
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    Robot cash is a bot that allows you to make bitcoin. It is avaible on telegram and it's a game where you produce bitcoin!I recommended to invest in this bot to have high profits,but if you want invest no problem,you can gain with referrals or with the daily bonus!
    Lounch date: 7.12.2016
    Payment: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney
    1. Hire the robots, they will obtain the energy!
    2. Energy will be collected, absorb it!
    3. Sell the energy and earn gems. You can sell your energy from hangar and obtain gems, and exchange it on real money. Obtained gems distributes beetween two accounts ( Avaliable balance and Payout balance) in next proportion: 70% to Avaliable balance and 30% to Payout balance. With the avaible balance you can buy robots and with the payout balance you can request payment
    4. Exchange gems for real money or hire more robots to raise income.
    Referal bonus:
    Invite your friends and get 50 gems as a bonus and 30% from every balance replenishment by invited person. You income has no limits! Even few people can raise your income to 100 000 gems.
    Game currency rate:
    1 000 gems = 0.001 BTC
    The minimum payout is 0.001 btc.
    Here the link to try it : Robot Cash
    Good profit at all!
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    Any new one?

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